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New and Replacement Awning Windows
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New and Replacement Awning Windows

Awning Windows Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward from the bottom, which allows for ventilation and protection from the rain, hail, or snow. They are many times installed higher on walls for privacy or in combination with large casement windows which provide a better view but no air movement. Awning windows are a style of casement window that are taller than they are wide. This makes this type of window lighter and easier to open and close because of the lower weight. They are well known for their ease of use and efficiency both when closed for heat or cold retention and their ability to bring in cool air when opened.

opening awning window

Because they have fewer panes, they also tend to be cheaper than casement windows, which can vary widely depending on how many panes the window has. However, awning windows can be just as efficient, and in some cases more so. Awning windows can be made in any size and design. The typical awning window is 6 feet high by 4 feet wide, but they can be made to any size that the customer desires. Awning windows are also made with or without the bottom half of the window functioning as a panel, as well as single paned and double paned glass.

These windows are highly favored by individuals for their ability to remain open during wet and windy weather, enabling fresh air to enter while safeguarding the room from rain. Positioned at the bottom of the window frame, there's a hand crank that facilitates easy opening and closing, making it accessible for children and older individuals, including those with arthritis. Their user-friendly design makes them an excellent choice for locations that are challenging to reach, eliminating the need for complicated maneuvers like pulling up or sliding over. With a simple turn of the crank, you can effortlessly fully open or close the window.

Awning windows are not as popular are single or double hung or even sliding windows mainly because people are not aware of the benefits of awning windows. Some of the benefits of awning windows are excellent ventilation, unobstructed view, and ease of opening and closing. They have great ventilation because they open out catching the wind and bring it into the room. It can open as far at 90° providing a wide open area to bring in fresh air. The view is great when open or closed because like a casement window, the sash is not split in two but just one sinple sash. You can have a insect screen in the window or not. Many people perfer not having a screen as they only open their window a small amount and insects find it hard to find their way in. But this gives them a beautiful view of the outdoors. They are also simple to opperate making it fast and easy to open your windows in the evening during the summer months and close them all up in the morning to keep the cool night air in the house during the day time.

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