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New and Replacement Closet Doors
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Closet Doors

Closets are a staple in almost every home, serving as essential storage spaces, and how they are covered can significantly affect a room's look and functionality. While some opt for a simple curtain for a softer, more flexible cover, the majority of homeowners prefer the structured appearance of traditional doors. These doors vary widely to suit different tastes and needs.

Sliding Closet Doors

Their first is a sliding closet doors or another name for it is a bypass closet door. All that really means is that you have two or more sliding door panels that hide behind one another. In this same style is the barn closet door style. That is usually one or sometimes two doors that have a track at the top with large wheels attached to the doors allowing them to glide from side to side. Barn doors are similar to pocket doors but they are stored usually on the outside of the closet rather that inside a wall. One nice thing about barn closet doors is that they allow for the full access of the closet opening at one time. The downside is that you can't put things up against the wall, like a dresser, where the door needs to roll to open.

The more normal sliding closet door type has a track on the top and sometimes also on the bottom. There are small wheels or rollers that are attached to the closet doors and they roll back and forth on the track. They usually only go as far at the closet opening. To get to the left side of your closet you need to cover up the right or middle opening. And to get to the right side, you need to move both doors over to the left. In fact, some have them in a hall with five or six doors that slide which makes if very effective in that space. Some people really like mirror closet doors, also known as mirror sliding closet doors. Some use them to dress in front of to make sure they look good in their outfit while other simple like the way it makes the room look twice as large with the reflection of the other side of the room.

Bifold Closet Doors

Next, consider bifold or folding closet doors, which can be more budget-friendly and provide a complete opening of your closet in one go, unlike their sliding counterparts. Opting for a single swinging door, similar to a room door, offers a more economical choice. Let's delve into each option to assist you in determining the most suitable type for your requirements.

Bi fold, louvered, or folding closet doors are a great type of door for most closets. Think of a regular room door that has been sawn in two vertically and is thinner. Then hinges are added between the two vertical halves. There is a peg with a horizontal roller that is on the top edge of the door away from the hinged side that attaches to the wall. It rolls along a channel attached to the closet opening allowing the bifold doors to collapse open. There can be one or two of these doors on a closet but usually not more unless you had a post in the middle of the closet for the next bifold door to be hinged on. But it works great for smaller closet opening with one or two folding doors on them. If you have two, you can open them both to the outside and they are very compact and quick to open and close. You can have almost the entire closet opening available at once with only a few inches on each side lost.

There are several variations to the bifold door style. There are natural wood closet doors which are most of the time louvered wood. There are modern ones with glass or plexiglass in them. There are rustic bifold closet doors that have more diagonal and horizontal boards style. They can be either natural wood on the surface or painted. There are some that are made out of PVC, which act more like an accordion. The last type is a bifold mirror closet door which has a vertical mirror on both sides of the hinged door. These are great for people wanting to seem themselves.

Double Closet Doors

The last type of closet door is a double closet door. These are normal room doors that are similar to French doors. They are fairly low cost and simple to install. If you have the room space they are fairly fast to open and close. There are many different styles that the doors can be in depending upon the style of your house. They could have mirrors or louvers or glass in them. They are the least popular type of closet door. This is mainly because they take up a lot of room when opened and can be a pain to move around when they are open.

Closet Doors Ideas

Are you looking for a way to make your closet doors more interesting? One of the trendy new types of closet doors are barn closet doors. With the top hardware being painted black and the barn doors, either a dark natural wood color, or painted an accent color from the room.

barn doors painted

Another alternative is the trendy sliding door that uses a pocket in the wall to hide a framed glass door. This makes for a very interesting looking door as well as disappearing into the wall, making it easy to open and close.

glass framed doors in pocket

Mirrored square doors that are bifold have a frame around the different mirrors and are painted an accent color, giving a dramatic different look to the doors yet being still very functional.

mirrored framed closet doors

Another way to spruce up your bifold doors is to cover them with upholstery. You can choose many different kinds of fabric that will go with the style of your room and when you get tired of them, you can replace the fabric with something new.

upholstery covered closet doors

Curtains can also be an interesting way to cover your closet open. You could use a drapes rail near the ceiling and pick a very nice fabric hangs all the way to the floor. This can add a very warm and inviting look to your bedroom.

curtains closet doors

If you like minimalist designs, you could go with a wood and white panel doors, which look similar to Japanese shoji screens, providing a simple clean look. It can go well with Asian decor or minimalist and natural wood furnishings.

minimalist designs closet doors

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Different Types of Doors