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Retractable Screen Doors
by Mirage
Better than normal

Retractable Screen Doors

The Mirage 1750 retractable screen doors epitomize the seamless blend of functionality, elegance, and innovative design, creating an unobstructed bridge between your home's indoor comfort and the natural beauty of your outdoor living spaces. This detailed overview delves deeper into the distinguishing features, customization options, and comprehensive benefits of the Mirage 1750, illustrating its position as a leading solution in the retractable screen door market.

Unparalleled Smoothness and Durability

Exceptional Design and Quality: The Mirage 1750 stands out for its smooth operation, a hallmark of its superior design, which incorporates Teflon-infused plastics for effortless gliding. The addition of a brass bushing in the rolling mechanism not only enhances the screen's longevity but also ensures that it operates smoothly over years of use.

Broad Applications: Designed to accommodate a wide range of door types, the Mirage 1750 is versatile. It's an ideal match for single entryways, sliding doors, and French & double doors, providing a bespoke fit for each unique application, thereby enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of a variety of home styles.

Tailored to Your Home's Aesthetic

Customizable to Perfectly Fit: Beyond its standard dimensions that cover up to 10 feet in width and a maximum of 9 feet in height, the Mirage 1750 can be customized to cater to non-standard door sizes, ensuring a precise fit that maintains the integrity of your home's design.

A Spectrum of Color Options: The Mirage 1750 is available in an extensive array of color options, ranging from standard hues like Polar White and Midnight Black to the more distinct Diamond Series colors such as Oyster Grey and Sundried Tomato. This variety ensures that every homeowner can find a shade that perfectly complements or strikingly contrasts with their home's palette.

Enhanced Living Experience

Protection and Comfort: The primary benefit of the Mirage 1750 is its ability to protect your home from insects and sun exposure while allowing fresh air to circulate freely. This creates a more comfortable, breezy living environment that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Energy Efficiency: By enabling natural ventilation, the Mirage 1750 contributes to energy savings by reducing the need for air conditioning during warmer months, thus offering both environmental benefits and cost savings.

User-friendly and Low Maintenance: With its intuitive design, the Mirage 1750 is user-friendly, providing ease of use that is unmatched. Maintenance is straightforward and minimal, ensuring the screen remains in optimal condition with regular cleaning and periodic lubrication.

Comprehensive Support and Assurance

Reliable Warranty and Support: Mirage stands behind the 1750 with a limited lifetime warranty that covers all screen components, excluding the mesh. This warranty, coupled with the support provided by authorized dealers, underscores Mirage's commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

Installation and Maintenance Made Simple: Authorized Mirage dealers ensure professional installation, tailored to each home's specific requirements. The screens are designed for ease of maintenance, promoting longevity and consistent performance through simple cleaning and lubrication routines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Mirage provides thorough answers to common questions regarding the functionality, benefits, and maintenance of the 1750 retractable screen doors. This resource is invaluable for current and prospective users alike, offering insights into the operation, customization, and care of these sophisticated screen solutions.

In essence, the Mirage 1750 retractable screen door represents a harmonious fusion of innovative engineering, customizable aesthetics, and practical benefits. It enhances living spaces by providing protection, comfort, and a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments. With its exceptional design, broad applicability, and commitment to quality, the Mirage 1750 is a distinguished choice for homeowners seeking to elevate their living experience.

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