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Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors
by Mirage
Screens that Fill the Space

Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors

The Mirage 3500 represents a pinnacle of design in large opening retractable screen doors, blending seamlessly with the architecture of modern homes to enhance outdoor living spaces without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of large door systems. This comprehensive overview aims to delineate the features, benefits, and applications of the Mirage 3500, crafted for discerning homeowners seeking to merge indoor comfort with outdoor accessibility.

Overview of the Mirage 3500

The Mirage 3500 Large Opening Retractable Screen Door is engineered to accommodate expansive openings, providing a solution that marries unobstructed views with the practicality of screen doors. Designed specifically for wide-span coverage, this product is an ideal complement to bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors, elevating the usability and enjoyment of your outdoor living areas.

Key Features

Customization and Aesthetic Integration

Understanding the importance of aesthetic harmony in home design, the Mirage 3500 features sleek housing that discreetly tucks to the side of your door frame, becoming virtually unnoticeable when not in use. Homeowners can choose from four standard colors—Midnight Black, Polar White, Sandalwood, and Bronze—or opt for special-order colors to match their home's design palette perfectly.

Benefits of the Mirage 3500


The versatility of the Mirage 3500 makes it suitable for a variety of applications, enhancing:

The Perfect Solution for Large Openings

The Mirage 3500 stands out as an optimal choice for homeowners looking to outfit large door openings with retractable screens. From French doors to sliding patio systems, it ensures that large thresholds can be effectively and beautifully screened, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the home.

Homeowners interested in the Mirage 3500 for their large opening retractable screen door needs are encouraged to visit the locator to find a certified installer in their area, ensuring professional consultation, measurement, and installation for a flawless integration into their homes.

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