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Glass Pane Replacement
When they get cracked or broken, count on LR to help.


If your window's glass is cracked, chipped, or broken, it's imperative to consider home window glass replacement. The cost of home window glass replacement varies depending on factors such as the type of glass, size, features, tint, and manufacturer of the window. Opting to replace the old glass with updated window glass can offer numerous benefits, including lower energy costs, increased home value, UV protection, and reduced noise pollution, particularly if the window frames are still in good condition despite their age. If the frame is damaged as well, then you will want to consider replacing the whole window.

house window glass broken

Glass Types

Double-pane glass ranges from $6 to $12 per square foot. Some of the most common types of glass are single pane, double pane, triple pane, Low-E (low-emissivity), gas-filled, laminated, tempered, and frosted. Each of these glass types is discussed below.

Window Types

There are usually various types of windows in most homes, and the cost of repairing the glass if one gets broken is based on the style of the window. Double-pane windows are the most common in houses, but they are also more expensive to replace than single-pane windows. Replacing the glass in double-pane windows usually requires a professional dismantling of the window frame. If the glass panes are non-rectangular this can also increase the cost of repairs.

Double Pane Window Repair

double-pane window repair

Double-pane windows are designed to provide better insulation from hot and cold weather making them energy efficient. If they become damaged or if the seal around them fails, they lose their effectiveness which will increase the heating and cooling your home. One of the ways that you can know if the seal on your double pane windows is damaged is if condensation starts to accumulate between the layers of glass. Double pane foggy window repair can be done by first finding and carefully removing the four glazing beads on the sash to be repaired.

This is done with a wide putty knife or chisel. Wedge the chisel between the window frame and the glazing beads and force them parallel to the glass panes toward the center of the window. Once all four glazing beads have been removed, you can remove the insulated glazing unit (IGU) that has the two panes of glass and a seal between them. Carefully lay the IGU on a table. Use a utility knife to cut the seal between one pane of glass and the metal spacer between them. Carefully remove the top and bottom panes of glass and clean the inside surface of any water deposits and blow dry so no moisture is left. Clean up the seal location with a knife and alcohol. Apply a bead of high quality silicone caulking on the edge of the spacer. Replace the panes of glass leaving one side open a little. Use a hair dryer with hot air to blow inside the two panes of glass drying the air and heating it up as much as possible to reduce the humidity of the air between the panes.

With blocks of wood on either side, gently clamp the panes of glass together so a little pressure is applied while the caulking dries. Once it has dried for several hours, the IGU is ready to be reinstalled in the sash. Place the IGU back into the sash and carefully tap the glazing beads back into their slots installing the longer ones first. Be very careful or you could crack the glass. After that, clean the outside of both panes of glass and reinstall into your window casing.

Your window should give you many more years of service. The window will be slightly less insulative as the IGU will no longer have argon gas in the air inside. You will want the new air that replaces the argon gas to have as low of humidity as possible or the moisture in it will condensate inside your window when the temperature drop.

If you don't feel skilled enough to do this repair yourself, we recommend calling LR Glass & Window to complete the repair professionally. Replacing the IGU with a new one will also allow you to have higher quality seals and argon gas inside.

If the glass is broken, you will want us to come out and measure your window and order a new IGU and do the replacement for you. You can do the installation yourself to save money if you feel confident enough to do the job.

Storm Door Glass Replacement

Storm Door Glass Replacement

The glass in a storm door can break due to impact. Its replacement can be done safely with the correct tools and materials. You will want to start by removing the door from its frame. Place it on a flat surface. There are screws and clips that hold it in place. It is recommended to call LR Glass & Window to do the replacement as the large sheet of glass is heavy and difficult to handle. The broken glass can cut you badly, so you will want to be very careful.

Once you remove the glass panes from the door frame, carefully measure, and give the dimensions to LR Glass & Window to order you a new pane of glass. Once the new glass arrives, carefully place it into the door frame and replace the clips and screw to hold it in place. Reattach the door to the frame and make sure it opens and closes correctly.

Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial Window Replacement

When it comes to commercial window glass replacement, it's important to work with a professional who has experience working with larger, more complex windows. At LR Glass & Window, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle even the most challenging commercial glass repair and replacement projects.

Whether you need a single window replaced or an entire storefront repaired, we can help. Our team will work with you to evaluate your windows and provide you with a range of options for repairing or replacing them. We can also help you choose the right type of glass for your needs, whether you need tempered glass for safety or insulated glass for energy efficiency.

In addition to glass replacement, we also offer a range of other commercial glass services, including storefront installation and repair, tinting, and custom glass fabrication. We can even help you design and install custom glass features, such as glass walls or partitions, to enhance the look and functionality of your commercial space.

Front Door Glass Replacement

Front Door Glass Replacement

Front door glass inserts come in many shapes. It is important to get a glass replacement quickly in the event of an accident where the glass gets broken and lets in cold or hot air. Trust the experts at LR Glass & Window to measure, handle, and professionally install your exterior door glass replacement. If you need to replace front door glass, Glass Doctor specializes in a number of custom glass solutions, including storm door and entry door glass inserts. Our customization features will allow you to select any front door replacement glass insert, and tailor it specifically for your style. We offer many different glass types with an array of colors, thicknesses, and patterns. We will take care of measuring and cutting the perfect shape for your damaged entry door.

Cracked Window Repair

Cracked Window Repair

If the glass in one of your windows is cracked, it can be a real problem. If something hard strikes your window or something falls against it, it can easily get cracked or broken. Cracks in window glass really look bad and degrade the appearance of your home. You may not have the available money to have the entire window replaced or to hire someone to come out and replace the glass. Most cracks grow over time; therefore, it is important to fix them right away. Do not wait until the crack grows and compromises the whole window. Fortunately, there are several ways of repairing cracked windows. Let us take a look at how to fix cracked glass.

Start by cleaning the cracked part of the window with soap and water. Next, make a mixture of equal parts epoxy, hardener, and resin on a piece of cardboard. Apply the mixture to the crack in the piece of glass with a putty knife and leave to dry. Remove the excess mixture from the surface with the blade of a sharp razor blade. Now clean the glass window and polish it using a microfiber cloth.

The best way to repair a cracked window is to have a glass company like LR come out, measure the glass pane, order a new piece, and install it. But if you are short on money, you can get by with using epoxy to keep it from growing.

Patio Door Glass Replacement

Patio Door Glass Replacement

Patio doors are a type of door that can be opened and closed to give access to a patio from inside the house. They are typically made with glass or plastic, and can be opened either inwards, outwards, or sliding. Patio doors can be a great way to improve the flow of air in your house. It also gives you a nice view of your patio or yard. These doors are a great method to connect your living space with the outdoors and can provide extra airflow on hot days.

Patio doors are made of a variety of materials like wood, vinyl, or aluminum. They can have a variety of different glass types, such as single, double-glazed, frosted, or even etched glass.

Replacing patio glass doors is a common but challenging repair task that many homeowners face. The difficulty of replacing patio door glass on your own often outweighs the potential savings, making it a task best left to professionals. This complexity arises from the precision required in handling and installing large glass panels, ensuring a proper fit, and maintaining the door's structural integrity. Sliding glass doors, while popular for their convenience and aesthetic, may not always be the most energy-efficient option.

For those contemplating a patio door replacement, consulting with a professional installer can provide valuable insights into the best options for your home's specific needs and design. They can offer advice on materials, styles, and configurations that will best meet your needs and complement your home's architecture.

LR Glass and Window offers the best value in patio door glass repair and replacement services. Get custom glass solutions from a glass expert that you trust.

Garage Window Replacement

Garage Window Replacement

Repairing broken windows on a garage door can be an easy or difficult task depending on the style of door you have and the way that the window panes are installed. Wooden garage door window panes are the simplest to replace the glass on. There is usually a piece of wooden molding, quarter round, that keeps the glass pane in place. Removing the molding will allow you to remove the glass pane that is broken and insert a new one. Then replace the molding. Other types of garage doors can be more difficult but the process is similar.

With metal doors there is usually a metal trim piece on the inside of the door around the panes with little screws in it. You will need to remove the screws. Measure the glass pane and write down the dimensions. You will then need to cut the rubber seal from the frame and pull out the broken glass pieces. Be careful so you don't cut yourself in the process. Order a new piece of glass from us and when you have it, insert it back into the frame and place a new seal around it. Next, replace the window frame and screw it down carefully.

If your garage door uses a clip design to hold the glass in place, you will need to remove the garage door panel section in order to get the pane of broken glass replaced. Removing the panel is a big job and takes experience to do it well and quickly. It is best to let a professional do this job.

If you would like to do the replacement yourself, you can order a new piece of glass from us; or if you don't have time or don't feel able to do it, we can come out and do the job for you.

Glass Pane Replacement

Glass Pane Replacement

If you need to purchase a glass window pane replacement for a broken or cracked window, you can purchase a glass pane replacement piece at LR Glass & Window to finish the job yourself. If necessary, we can even come out and measure the glass pane for you, helping you finish your do-it-yourself project better. Window glass replacement pieces are a common thing with various thicknesses like 3/32 inch or 1/8 inch. These thicknesses are usually available to fit many different kinds of modern or old windows. For a look more dramatic and interesting than clear plain glass, consider beveled or textured glass. If you want to do the job yourself, LR Glass & Window has many window glass replacement tools and accessories are available locally in our store front. You can learn how to start your project with many useful guides on our website or on YouTube and the internet.

If you would like to replace the entire window, we also offer home window replacement services.

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