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Doors are a Threshold to New Experiences
Find out what it takes to replace yours.

Door Replacement

We offer hundreds of replacement interior door and exterior door choices in a wide variety of styles, colors, and good quality materials. LR Glass & Window is your trusted partner for door projects in Lebanon, Oregon, offering expertise in both home and commercial door replacements. Enhance your entryway with a new front door, and discover the reasons behind upgrading your entry point and how to initiate the process. If you're considering a door replacement project, delve into insights on costs, types of exterior and interior doors, and find a contractor conveniently located near you in Oregon.

Once the new door has been ordered, preparation for the installation process is essential. This typically includes removing the old door, along with any accompanying hardware or trim. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure that the designated opening for the new door is both level and square, making any necessary adjustments beforehand to facilitate a smooth installation of the new door.

Once the old door has been removed and the opening is prepared, the new door can be installed. This may involve installing new hardware or trim, as well as any necessary weatherstripping or insulation to ensure that the door is properly sealed and energy-efficient.

Finally, once the installation is complete, you can enjoy your new door and the benefits that it provides, such as improved security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. By following these steps and working with a trusted and experienced professional like LR Glass & Window, you can ensure that your door replacement project is a success.

Installing a new door can be a difficult process to get right so you don't have issues with the operation of your door. We recommend having LR come out and remove your old door and install your new one. Each door install is different and depends on many factors, so we will have to know the exact door and look at the existing door frame in order to give you an install quote.

How do I install a new door?

The first step is to remove the molding from around the door on both sides. Next, remove the hinge pins on the door and then carefully lift the door off the hinges and set it aside. Next, all the screws that are holding the old hinges on should be removed and saved in a ziploc bag. If you decided ahead of time that the existing frame should be replaced either to match the new door or it is not in good shape, you will start process of removing the old door frame. You will want to remove all the screws that attach the latch plates. It is best to use a reciprocating saw to cut all the nails and screws between the rough opening and the old door frame. Then remove the old door frame. Next, check that the subfloor is level and the sides of the rough opening are plumb. Then take a framing square and check to make sure all four corners are at 90°. If they are not, you can add extra wood or shims to true them up. For exterior doors, you will want to install a sill pan. This is usually made of a plastic material that comes in three pieces. This protects your sub floor from rotting out from rain and other moisture.

Next, remove the transport plug from the new door. Then set the new door and frame into place. If it is an exterior door, you will want to use caulking around the frame and brick molding to seal it from air movement. Shims are important to keeping the door square in the door frame. You want to shim above the top of the three hinges and across from those on the latch side as well. Also behind the strike plate. Drive two screws in the middle of the door frame on each side to hold the frame in place. Check the level of hinge side of the door frame both parallel with the rough opening and perpendicular to make sure both directions are level. Then add two screws, one near the bottom of the frame to secure it to the rough opening and another near the top.

Next, from the inside, check that the door is centered and still plumb. Then drill pilot holds and drive longer screws part way into the hinges. From the outside, finish driving in the screws. Then check the distance with the weather stripping for exterior doors. If not, use shims and adjust the frame screws to make it right. Then again check the frame for plumb. Then drive in the screws on the latch side. Next, shim above the latch location and drive another long screw into the frame at the latch location. Install the strike plate. If it is an exterior door, you will need to install the threshold and sill plate.

Next, install the door knob and lock set for exterior doors and make sure they are working properly. Then cut shims with a utility knife and break off flush with the wall. For exterior doors, place blanket insulation between the rough opening and the door frame to keep heat from being lost around the door. Then install the interior trim around door. You might need to install trim on the inside of the threshold. Then add caulking between the wall and molding on the inside and also outside between the brick molding and siding or other wall material.

If needed, this is a good time to paint the door. You can also paint the trim to finish the job. It is a big job so if you don't feel comfortable starting it yourself, feel free to contact LR Glass & Window to do the install for you. We have lots of experience and know all the pro tips needed to install a door so it has not functioning issues or air leaks.

There are many types of doors that can be installed.

Storm Doors

Storm doors provide an additional barrier against the elements and prevent cold or warm air from entering your home, especially with exterior doors that are not insulated well. Having a storm door installed can be a good investment especially for a door you don't use very often. Having that extra layer of insulation can make your home more energy efficient and save you money. A storm door can also protect a nice wooden door from getting weather damage and fading over the years.

Patio Doors

Patio doors connect your indoor living area with your outdoor patio space. It gives you extra natural light and fresh air into your home as needed. Most patio doors are sliding glass doors or sometimes called gliding doors. These are usually made of insulated glass panels and make an easy way to have a large opening without the interior space needed for a swinging door or doors. Another version of a patio door is double doors. They will usually swing to the center with a center jam that they latch to. Double doors are less expensive and more insulated so that can be a good trade off if you don't need the natural light and need to save money.

Bi-Fold Doors

For closets or panties, bi-fold doors are a convenient way to close off a large opening. They look great and are fast and easy to open and close. They are lighter and much less expensive than mirrored or wood sliding doors. They also create a much large opening all at once than a sliding closet door can achieve. They come in lots of different designs, styles, and materials either painted or natural wood.

Barn Doors

A type of door that is becoming more popular but is still uncommon is what is known as a barn door. This is not a door for your barn but something that you might have in your living room to close off a hallway or maybe a small bathroom under a staircase or other small area. It can add a lot of interest to a room and make it stand out. It can help with drafts down halls or just to cover up a mess from company. A single sliding door on a rail is common but there could also be two sliding door that come together in the middle if space is limited on either side.

Pocket Doors

When you have clearance limits where using a swinging or pivot doors will not work well, sliding doors, or a pocket door may be the best solution. Pocket sliding doors make the most of tight places. The door can disappear into the wall when opened. There are both one panel and two-panel symmetrical options for larger openings.

Exterior Doors

Installing a new exterior door can update your homes entrance to maximize security and gain curbside appeal. Professional help ensures that this important part of your home's defense is installed correctly. Installation varies depending on the exterior door type and door frame. Correct installation is important to give you all the benefits like soundproofing, maintaining home temperature, and keeping insects from crawling in through cracks. Let LR take care of installation so that whichever door you choose will look and work its best.

Why should you replace your front door?

A front door is the first impression that people visiting have of your home. It makes or breaks the experience that people have visiting your home. There are lots of positive impacts a replacement front door can have on your home.

Enhance curb appeal

A replacement front entry door refreshes the look of the front of your home to improve curb appeal.

Boost home value

When your home’s curb appeal improves, the value of your home usually increases as well.

Make a design statement

Front doors are available with many styles to meet your home's unique aesthetic.

Control privacy and light

Selecting a new front door with glass panels gives you a welcoming, light-filled entryway that you will enjoy for years to come.

Improve front door security

Multipoint locks on a strong door provides a great deal security by locking in multiple places. Having a strong door jam to go with your locking system is equally as important to preventing someone from kicking down your door.

Better energy efficiency

A new front door reduces drafts and leaks to improve the efficiency of your home and lowing your heating and cooling costs.

Reduce maintenance

Maintaining an old door's surface can be a lot of work and can start to look bad after years of repainting. A new front door can be more durable, weather resistant, and lower maintenance than your existing entry door.

Get smart home technology

Replacing with a door with smart home technology helps you feel safe while at home or away by monitoring the status of your door and being able to lock and unlock it remotely.

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